Friday, March 14, 2014

A look at life

There are times in life, we sat down to see what has been , today is my turn.
I've had a beautiful life, really I can not complain , God blessed me with two angels were my parents, and although it took me a bit to discover and understand the great magic that is in them, today I can proudly say they are the best of my life, they learned the love, patience , I learned that every road, however difficult it is worth go through it if they are to achieve the dreams as they did . They made me what I am , and that was difficult, and my battle with me , but never did I notice , for his love was always infinite.

I've been basically what I wanted , because very young , my parents let me go my own way , make my own decisions and accept the consequences of them. I was a rebel without cause and without reason, or perhaps the reason was that he could prove to the world against him, until I saw this struggle was useless. At the crossroads of my life, more than once taken the wrong way and suffered the results of my mistake, but in God's hands I put my fate , and I could finally find the right way , the real dream that gave meaning to my life, and which fight tooth and nail to reach it.

Stop going against the grain , and just let me go.
I discovered that the world be better if I try it this way and that despite all the bad, live always an adventure worth , and there are many who have not had the privilege , as their lives ended too soon, I decided it would not be of those who mourn for what they did not dare to try.

I laughed for joy that there have been many , and me, because who else could do it better than me, my inconsistencies, my clueless personality, often both frustrated me and I suffered for a mistake , and today, the look back and remember , you only manage to start my smile , so I learned.

I cried thousands of tears , sometimes not as much as I wanted to, " Tears do not help to change things " that phrase stuck in my head stayed and made me repress many tears today I am sure they would have done me much good , not to change things , but if my soul to relieve pain once felt oppressed me .

I dreamed crazy dreams , sensible dreams , dreams that seemed impossible , and if I focus on those who knew could be made , and that did not make me pessimistic , just realistic, because my biggest dream was always flying, but hey, I'm honest I do not have wings nor will have , so do not fight for it. Strive to climb the mountains of overcoming and achieving goals others thought would never achieve . And even today, with many of my goals accomplished , I'm still a dreamer, but my dreams have changed , but not my desire to achieve them.

Love loud and love silent voice, but suffered disappointment , nothing was more beautiful than have felt that love.
I learned so many things , I found a friend that God walks beside me , who is probably very different from what I was taught in religion classes. I found my faith , and I understood , that this fight so much was not the best for me, and there was always a way indicated that I , being distracted by other things later and continue to distinguish.

I learned that I have so many limitations and many imperfections , but I also learned to take advantage of the wonderful things that are in me , and despite my faults and my mistakes I'm only one person , who deserve good things and deserves love. I'm far from a perfect person, but I can and am better every day, because I have so decided.

I have been surrounded by incredible people , for which I am deeply grateful , I've been wandering , but in my time in the various places I've lived , there's a name and a smile that I have taken in memory. Yes, they have been my friends , those who once shared my way , some temporarily and then move away physically no heart , others continue to walk beside me hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart . Have been my angels , sometimes the strength they needed my steps , sometimes shoulders on which to cry , sometimes the company you celebrate and laugh, and I hope , have been such a good friend as they were and have been the me, because in my heart , there is only love for them .

I've had models of excellent life , first my parents , whose examples of success despite adversity taught me that I can achieve anything if you only fight for it, and then teachers, not necessarily those who gave me lessons , if not those who made me part of their life experiences and filled me with his example and advice.

I found that I can be happy, because happiness is not a distant goal , there is here , as I have , what I love , what I have achieved , and what still remains to be conquered me . It is in accepting who I am and what I can be . And today , despite the difficulties and the black clouds on the way, wake up every day and say "I'll be Happy , I'm Happy ".

So look back on my life , and I can not but feel grateful and blessed , it's true , maybe it was not all rosy , but every stumble , every pain, every test, every disappointment , also brought me here , and I did I am.

Today I celebrate my life , a year longer than I have given , as a new opportunity . There is still far to go and I'm going. There is still much to dream and go after those dreams. There is still much to live . But if not, if God decides to be my way here , I do not care because I'm happy with what I have experienced !

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